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Offerta diversificata:

Su Misura o Pronto Consegna

  • solenoid valves M5 to 2” in size
  • solenoid valve systems with BUS interface
  • proportional flow and pressure control valves
  • microcylinders, compact cylinders and profile cylinders, antirotation cylinders and expansion cylinders
  • valves for manual operation and control valves
  • FRL units 1/8” to 2” in size with safety valves
  • brass and PVC connections
  • flexible pipe
  • mounted reduction unit filter groups or mounted valve groups
  • panels assembled on machine parts
    or in independent boards (with or without electric system)

Modern and dynamic activity that APO interprets completely, and for which it uses tools and resources; the pneumatic division offers specific and reliable components and solutions within a short time.

The Bologna and Parma warehouses, located in highly industrialised and qualified areas, meet the diversified demands of its customers with a full offer of components and accessories.

Everything is available at an excellent quality to price ratio.