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Home / Mechanical Components and Transport Technology

Mechanical Components and Transport Technology

The most complete range

Prompt and Professional Service

  • Aluminium profile sections
  • Fastening systems and accessories
  • Protection systems and mesh panels
  • Chain components, Varioflow systems
  • MPS system components
  • MIT system components
  • Chain transport systems
  • Workbenches made with MPS components
  • Transport systems made with MIT components

Aluminium profile modular mechanical components (MGE)
APO has a complete, wide range of sections with aluminium profile, plus fastenings and accessories. It guarantees a 24-hour cutting and supply service. The sections bars ensure a solid base for production, allowing complex structures and safety attachments for automatic machines and production lines to be made.

Manual work station systems (MPS)
APO supplies ergonomic components and workbenches for manual work, in full compliance with the new cognitions of occupational health.

Transfer systems (MIT)
APO supplies transfer systems for production plants by means of automated lines that enable component machining and assembly to be done. Three different series of pallet systems and two chain transport systems are available.